As times become more dire, dragons and humans alike arise to claim back the Artefacts. Are you going to join them in these endeavors, or will you join the Ancients?
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 Getting Started (v 0.2)

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PostSubject: Getting Started (v 0.2)   Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:20 pm

<Insert official welcoming message>


How to get started:

  • Read the General Rules. Plain and simple, before you begin, you need to know the rules first.
  • Read the "How to RP properly" topic. Found here. Mostly for those new to RP. If you have RPed before, it is still better to read the topic first, as there may be key differences with how we want RPs to run.
  • Read the Lore (Optional). This one is not really needed, but still encouraged if you want to know some of the systems we have put in place and such. Also, we may plan events that will be dumped into the lore once completed.
  • Read the "How to create your character" topic (Optional). This is not required, since we will paraphrase in the character template what you need at the bare minimum. If you have made characters for an RP site before, then you probably dont need to read this. It is just to give you an idea on how to make a more intriguing character. However, if you are planning to make a combat competitive character, then I will advise you to read the section on Strengths, Abilities and Weaknesses + Limitations.
  • Create your character. Now that you know the basic rules, it is time to make your character! The template should for your character app is <here>. Simply create a new topic in the <Character Creation> thread, copy and paste the template, and then fill in each section. Please remove any paraphrases that came with the template. Note: If your app is still a Work in Progress but you want to finish it at another time, feel free to post the unfinished app, BUT include the tag "[WIP]" in your application title so the staff knows it is incomplete.
  • Wait for a staff member to post their approval on your character app. Please be patient for this. Staff members are still human and have IRL matters to attend to, including sleep and studies. Also longer apps may take more time for any one staff to review and there is no guarantee that your app may be accepted in the first run. We will post our review of your app, what needs to be changed or clarified, when we are done.
  • And you are done! Congratulations! You now have an approved character ready to RP.


If you have any questions on the rules or the site in general, feel free to ask a staff member via PM or chatbox if they are on.

Good luck and have fun!
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Getting Started (v 0.2)
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