As times become more dire, dragons and humans alike arise to claim back the Artefacts. Are you going to join them in these endeavors, or will you join the Ancients?
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 Razakath the Eternal Fire

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PostSubject: Razakath the Eternal Fire    Thu May 31, 2018 2:01 am

General Information
Name: Razakath
Age: 538 years
Species: Hybrid between a demon-like dragon and human
Tribe: Traveller/Rogue
Personality: As a person, Razakath is generally blunt and very serious. While he is not hateful or mean, he is quite the hothead and has a grouchy demeanor. When spoken to, his replies are often short, especially towards those he does not know. To allies and family, Razakath is much more patient and is less likely to respond with a cynical or dark response. It is very rare when he acts warm and loving, but that is also probably because he shows his love in different ways than others. This creature is very defensive towards those he cares for, and though he does not gives hugs or kisses, he is willing to risk his life for friends and family.

Razakath is also not the type to degrade himself or think himself as petty. While he will admit that one person may be more powerful than him, he will not go and mope in the corner about it. Rather, he reacts to this by training himself to become physically and mentally stronger in hopes of reaching the same level of power as the other being. This shows that Razakath is hardworking, but quite competitive as well. However, he can get way over his head to the point of being full of himself. Sometimes he might go too far, but most of the time he catches himself. It is not his goal to hurt others, but to improve himself. He does feel sympathy though, especially for those who has went through the same dilemma as himself.
~Razakath loves to eat. He has a huge appetite, and can eat lots before he gets full. He especially enjoys meat, but loves fruit just as much.
~It might be due to his hellish heritage, but Razakath has a liking to the heat. He prefers to stay warm in colder months. This is why summer is his favorite season.
~As a father, Razakath enjoys spending time with his children, Habbie and Hades. While he is strict and usually busy providing for them, he loves being with them and making them happy.
~Razakath has a fondness for hearing stories, legends, and reading books. He does enjoy settling down after a long day to read a book.
~The quiet. Razakath isn't much for being loud.
~Boredom. Who doesn't hate boredom? It usually leaves Razakath fidgety with the urge to claw something.
~Razakath doesn't like it when people boast. He gets frustrated and sometimes jealous by it, but he is sometimes a hypocrite and tries to boast back.
~He may like meat and fruit, but he hates vegetables. He's the type of person you would have to bribe in order for him to eat his broccoli.
~He hates to swim. This must be due to his heritage, but he is also afraid deep water. This is more of a fear of drowning than anything else.
~Razakath doesn't like feeling crowded. It makes him uncomfortable.

Height and length: Regular Form is 5'10, while the Beast Form is 40 feet. The Beast Form will not be on this post, but a character ability sheet.
Appearance: In his regular form, Razakath appears to be a normal human with pale skin and dark hair. He has a firm build, with broad shoulders and strongly sculpted arms and legs. His black hair is short but long for a male, as it goes slightly below his shoulders, but is kept trimmed and looked after. A thin layer of stubble is on his chin and around his mouth, and it travels along his jawline. Razakath's eyes are fiery orange, which are the only things about his physical appearance that may hint at him being more than just a human. His clothes consist of black, wearing a dark coat that goes down to his ankles buttoned over another shirt. The jacket is pinned together with a pretty golden brooch which resembles the branch from an olive tree. The outfit is completed with black pants and black boots.

Razakath does not wear this all the time though. There are times when he must go into a battle, and when that happens, he is armored with tough silver material that covers his whole body. Around his waist is a long black cloth held by a dark belt with a silver buckle. Two capes attached to his shoulders flow down his back to below the waist. His face is concealed by a helmet. When in this armor, crevices and cracks in the apparel may burn fiery shades, especially when Razakath is using his abilities.

~Razakath is strong, even by human terms. He is able to push and lift more than regular humans, but it's not like he can lift a building. He could pick up an average-sized person with no trouble, but would have trouble with anything that weighs around 30 lb. more than that.
~He is quite clever and sneaky. He is the type of person who would trick someone to get out of his way or do something that would benefit him, if he wished.
~Due to his fiery bloodline, Razakath has a slight resistance to fire and heat. He can still receive injuries from burns, but it takes him more time to be injured by it, since he is mostly unaffected by heat. For example, he can't get sunburns. If he lived in this time and age and put his hand on top of a stove, he would get only a minor burn. However, if a dragon were to breathe fire at him, he would certainly be affected by how hot the fire is and how long the ability is used on him.
~Razakath is efficient in using handheld weapons, particularly melee.
~Much to his disappointment, Razakath is a terrible cook.
~He is effected more strongly by ice-based attacks, as he has a weakness to the stuff.
~Razakath is clumsy, despite being clever. He does not have good balance and has a tendency to drop his things or trip over his own feet.
~He is easily flattered, so it is easy to convince him to do something against his will.
~He can get carried away when angry, as he has a habit of destroying things in his blind fury. He kind of loses control over himself.

History: Razakath was raised in an orphanage with no knowledge of who his parents were and what they were like. All he ever knew was that they were human and dragon, and he was a hybrid of the two. He was never adopted due to his hotheadedness and the fact that he was a hybrid, despite him looking like a normal human. It never really bothered him though. Being alone was all he ever knew, and he didn't know how he would react if he did get adopted and he had to leave all his friends.

When he came of age to leave the orphanage, he bid his bittersweet goodbyes to his allies and enemies, including the kind mistresses who were head of the place. Soon Razakath discovered that while he looked like a human, he had the lifespan and abilities of a dragon. He wanted to use this to become the most powerful being, able to strike down any foe who would stand before him. He worked hard for three decades before he met a young woman whom he was attracted to. After courting for five more years, Razakath knew that he was in love with her and proposed. However, the woman, who was the daughter of a wealthy noble, revealed that she was pregnant and did not love him back, that she has been too scared all these years to tell him. Soon after giving birth to twins Habbie to Hades, she left the area she and Razakath lived in, hoping to find a better life as she left her old one behind, which gave her awful memories of when she was too timid to speak her mind, which lead her to doing things she never wanted to do. Saddened but furious, Razakath retired from his journey to look after his children. He did not want to send them to the orphanage, as he would felt guilty about it. Sometimes he goes out to train or practice, but it's never for long. Progress is now slow, but it is steadily coming along.
RP Sample: It was raining. Huddled in his lonely cabin, he looked outside the window, watching the rain fall to the earth with his bright amber eyes. Razakath almost hissed at the sight. His twins were napping, and it was around this time he would be out training to become stronger. But it was raining. And Razakath hated the rain. . .
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PostSubject: Re: Razakath the Eternal Fire    Thu May 31, 2018 6:26 pm

Don't forget to make your abilities~!
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Razakath the Eternal Fire
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