As times become more dire, dragons and humans alike arise to claim back the Artefacts. Are you going to join them in these endeavors, or will you join the Ancients?
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 Daemian Chayim

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PostSubject: Daemian Chayim   Thu May 31, 2018 7:04 pm

General Information
Name: Daemian Chayim
Age: 604
Species: Hybrid - Mixture of a Celestial Dragon and a Human.
Tribe: Traveler.
Daemian is a brilliant mix of complete and utter sarcasm, perfect innocence of other things, partial uncaringness, harshness which carries an air of calmness and wisdom. Although there is an undertone of anger and fury. However, top that with the rather unusual tendency not to swear and it's a fun experience for everyone to have. He also isn't really one to tolerate swearing and sorts regardless and will probably scold people if they do that around him. However, that being said, it's incredibly difficult to insult him properly, but when he is insulted, he'll lash back with his own sarcasm to attempt to outwit them and prove that he's the smarter guy. He takes the time to think things over, but often delves into sarcasm if he's uncertain. However, Dae doesn't just acting on a whim based from his emotions, preferring not to just dive in there and do things. He's more the kind to take a step back, and think about a situation before coming to a conclusion which he is willing to share. Answering things just off a whim is not just not his style.

However, he also has a darker side to him.

When he opens his left eye, something within Daemian snaps. Despite needing to open that to use his spells, it opens a floodgate to a corrupt personality within. The normal angelic creature becomes more sadistic. Things begin to care less and less as time goes on. He tends to go towards being more aggressive, taking more risks and, in general, acts quicker than what he should. He becomes angry, livid, and would be the kind of person to literally tear someones throat out with his teeth and not care. Daemian turns to bloodlust while he uses them, and morbidity is like an old friend. The man also begins to start being more animalistic, not caring what should happen to his body if it means that he's going to tear something or someone apart.
-Wood and stone carving.
-Flight or flying.
-Spending time alone.
-Daemian is terrified of people seeing the scars over his face, as well as his carved teeth.
-Raw flesh. He had to survive on that for an unknown period of time and, as such, strives to forget it.
-Seraphims, or 6 winged people.
-Being near graveyards, ironically.
-Understandably, he fears his own power overcoming his sanity.
-Love, friendship, he truly fears these things.

Height and length: 6'5 (N/a Length)
All around his mouth are a mishmash of thin, silver scars and underneath that in his mouth, his teeth have been chiselled into sharp points, all his teeth being sharp and jagged. Because of this, he often wears either a red or black scarf wrapped around his mouth and neck. He also has a wicked scar across his eye, at the wrong angle, its not noticed. But a keen observer could make it out. This is on his left eye, and his left eye is unique and is explained later.

He also has giant wings, reaching around 28ft in wingspan. They drag across the ground behind him as he walks, and he also is incredibly slim, almost scrawny for his height.

Daemian's left eye is always shut, unless he is using spells. However, his right eye is a gunmetal grey. His other is like that of a dragon, the slit pupil red and the rest being a jet black. If he uses spells, the black/red eye 'bleeds' across into his other eye, corrupting that too.

The majority of his form is hidden by a long, black jacket that has tattered and torn 'edges' and also has slots cut through for his wings to push through. To help keep the jacket on his form, he wraps bandages around his right arm to keep it there. Underneath is a red shirt that matches the red scarf around his mouth.

-Daemian has an excellent will for flight, and is exceptionally good at it. He's able to match speeds of 25m/s in a casual flight, 35m/s if he's pushing himself (maintained for 1 post, that's all) and can have dive to speeds of 50m/s. Incredibly fast, but suicidal. He hates diving.
-Daemian is incredibly strategic, able to lead armies and ALMOST always ensure a victory- one way or another.
-Daemian sucks with hand to hand combat. He's just not a fighter.
-He absolutely loathes using his powers, and as such, tries his utmost best not to use them. Due to this, he can be considered a hindrance because he refuses to unleash his full potential.
-Daemian also hates people seeing his face. Simply pulling away his mask will cause him to withdraw and attempt to hide himself. He's incredibly ashamed of them and dislikes them greatly.

I'd like to reveal his history through RP this time, please.
RP Sample:
Daemain threw his wings back against his own form, his body having fallen to his knees. Terror gripped over his heart, holding fast like a tight vice as his hand curled over his shut eye. The curse that was given to him, the source of his powers... But the reason for his pain wasn't for that, but for what it caused him to endure as he attempted to use such a thing.
His head threw back, releasing a yowl of agony through his crimson scarf, screaming to the heavens as his badly broken and twisted wings continued to bleed onto the ground.
The price of his power came at an unforeseeable cost...
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Daemian Chayim
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