As times become more dire, dragons and humans alike arise to claim back the Artefacts. Are you going to join them in these endeavors, or will you join the Ancients?
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 Ziwuth Creaw

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PostSubject: Ziwuth Creaw   Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:12 am

General Information
Name: Ziwuth Eirrie Creaw
Age: 763 Years old
Species: Celestial Dragon/Human hybrid
Tribe: None
Personality: Ziwuth is a mischievous spirit. She likes to play with the minds of others, cause trouble if she pleases. Seeing others confused or displeased by her doing brings joy. She will lend her help to others, but always at a price. Ziwuth always does what she can to get what she wants, and doesn't mind waiting if she must, but the more she waits the more impatient she may become.
If something doesn't go her way, she doesn't show it. Ziwuth doesn't show any 'ugly' emotion, like sadness or anger. She always wants to be pleasing- it helps get her way. Some of her favorite things are rare or shiny objects, along with preening her feathers and being free. This female regards herself highly, as a queen or someone of a high position would, even if she may not be.
Interests: Pretty, rare, or shiny objects
Colors and beauty
Upholding her position over others
Keeping up her appearance
Being able to move freely
Feeling her feathers in the wind
Warmth and the sun
Music and dancing

Dislikes: Being confined
Being crossed
Loosing her negotiations
Doing hard work
Ruining her appearance
Showing anger or sadness
Being cold or wet
Dull things and people
Getting her feathers plucked

Height and length: 5' 6"
Appearance: Starting at her head, she has very long locks of sky-blue hair that reaches the ground. Her ears are pointed and each have four blue-purple feathers emerging from the back of them. On the middle of her forehead is a birthmark in the shape of a simple, small, circle. She has thin, mostly straight, eyebrows that are the same color as her hair. Her eyes are a light blue, but a shade darker than her hair. Her lips are always red and stand out from her white skin.
Down her arms are where her feathers begin to show. They range from light blue to purple, and grow into wings starting behind her elbow and down to her wrists. These feathers continue on the back of her hand until the second digit on each finger, and are bare on her palms. Ziwuth's chest is also covered with these feathers, although they are the same feathers found on the breast of a bird. It's shaped like a diamond, or a square turned on its side. Apart from that, the rest of her front is bare until you get to her hips. Her back is bare as well, although always covered by her long hair.
By the time you get to her hips, her feathers have come back to cover what's most important. They start off small, mostly an indigo in colors, before turning to the long feathers you'd see on the tail of a bird. Because of these feathers, she does not need to wear clothes, and therefore does not. The most that'll peak out of these long feathers are her feet, for only a certain few have ever seen more.
Adorning her body are objects made of gold. On her head she wears a strange looking one, two blue orbs attached to it. Her ears hold two earrings of gold, one on top a band that is connected to the object on her head by a thin strand of gold, and one on the bottom, a dangling gold piece that turns into a thing of feathers and wraps around the back of her head. In her hair as well are a few long strands with a golden peacock feather on the end. She has gold lines along the top of her breasts, along with bracelets on her wrists and even lines going around her waist and into two lines of gold shaped like olive branches creeping up until her mid-back. Around her ankles are golden loops that dangle and clink together as she moves.

Strengths: She is great at manipulations and getting others to do stuff for her.
She has no taste for alcohols, meaning she doesn't drink and therefore won't get drunk often.
Ziwuth can hide her true feelings well, playing out only the positive ones.

Weaknesses: Ziwuth is very vain
She tends to make more enemies then friends
Her long feathers and hair cause her to get tangled easily in branches
Even with her wings, they are too small to allow her flight
She is not quiet when she moves thanks to all of her trinkets

History: Long story short, Ziwuth was raised an only child and got anything she wanted when she wanted, along with getting away with whatever she did. It seems that behavior has continued into her adult life.
RP Sample: The morning sun filtered into her room through silk curtains billowing at her window. Sometimes, she felt lazy and just wanted to sleep all morning, but the warmth coming through motivated her to rise. It wasn't very fast, though, as she sat up and stretched her arms out before moving a delicate foot onto the soft carpet below. The other one followed, them and her legs being covered by her long feathers as she stood up.
Contrary to what one would think knowing her, the room she slept in was rather small. Walls were covered in more thin, silk sheets of every color imaginable. To the left of her bed was a white vanity with a big mirror, great for seeing herself in. There were various things dangling, a few jewels, pieces of stained glass, feathers, that all caught the light at various times to bounce more colors around her room. Opposite from her door was a glass door that lead out to a balcony, a wicker chair curved like an arching oval with plush cushions sat to the left, one of her favorite places to sit. Hanging were various wind chimes, all unique in their own looks and sounds, and bird feeders. With just a slight breeze the beautiful sounds would begin to play, lulling her into bliss.
For right now, that would be where she would stay, curled in her wicker chair while the wind blew and the sun kept her warm and comfortable.
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Ziwuth Creaw
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