As times become more dire, dragons and humans alike arise to claim back the Artefacts. Are you going to join them in these endeavors, or will you join the Ancients?
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 Mythryl, the Lost Shadow

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PostSubject: Mythryl, the Lost Shadow   Wed May 30, 2018 10:37 am

General Information
Name: Mythryl is the title she goes by, but her name is Lexia.
Age: 57
Species: A Star Dragon
Tribe: Rogues
Lexia is a quiet dragon, appearing reserved and not really caring as to what is happening around her. Although, that cannot be further from the truth. Lexia always keeps a close and watchful eye on what is happening around her, internally taking notes as to what people like, don’t like, how they react and, in general, just what people do in certain situations and circumstances. That being said… crossing her is the last thing which you will want to do. She can be quick tempered, to a degree, and quite vicious with how she deals out her punishments.

Aside from that, she tends to watch from a distance, listen and try and get to know her surroundings before taking that first fateful step forward onto a decision.

Although she doesn’t seem to be friendly at all, Lexia is a dragoness who can grow quite fond and attached to others. However, that is yet to happen for her and, even if it did, it’d take a miracle to get her to show that she cares rather deeply for someone. She is one who tries to keep most of her emotions in check, the only ones which go a bit free from time to time being her aggression and frustration at her surroundings.
-Other peoples motives
-Surprisingly, she picked this up from her mentor, but she likes cooking. Who would have guessed?
-She doesn't like nosy people. They're probably interested for their own gain.
-Lexia also has a habit of not liking being bored.
-Wanna get on her bad side? She hates it when people comment negatively regarding her red markings. The very topic of it causes her to be cautious.

Height and length: 27ft tall and 59ft long (She's not fully grown, she'll be 37ft tall and 78ft long by the end of it).
Lexia is a strange and incredibly rare phenomena; a star dragoness. Typically, these dragons are incredibly rare, only 2 hatching every 100 years. How close they are or how far apart they are doesn’t truly matter, but only two hatch every century. These dragons have their membrane a blue/purple colour, and the rest of their body is almost a midnight black.

However, Lexia is a rather abnormal case.

She hatched on the night of a blood moon, which caused what would have been her blue and purple patterns to be bathed in various shades of crimson. They also caused abnormal circles to almost seem burned in her sides, as well as 5 gashes to somewhat form on her face. A gift from the blood stars, it seemed.
Due to this, the ventral side of her single set of wings and membrane over her head are those crimsons shades, splattered with an array of black stars. On the more ‘hand’ part of her wing, she houses a single grey claw, something more for decoration than anything else. She almost has an alligator-like snout, which appears semi long and flat. Although, behind those jaws is a snapping power you don’t want to be on the receiving end of. Her teeth are a white in colour, however her well-developed canine fangs have a small trick up their sleeve. They’re hollow, and they can injected a potent serum into her victims (which will be discussed later). She also has 5 small jaw-horns, a deep black in colour. At the back of her skull is a pair of long, slightly curved grey horns, with piercing magenta eyes.

The last notable feature on this dragoness is that she has a long, cat-like tail and a lithe build, dark crimson plating covering her underbelly. And on the tip of her tail is a blade, which almost forms something like a scythe.


-Attention to detail. Lexia has an incredibly knack for paying attention, down to the last word of a conversation she can recall.
-Lexia has a higher than normal pain tolerance, cuts, bruises, gashes, they don’t really phase her too often. This only applies to ‘smaller’ wounds, as broken bones and having giant sections of skin torn out will still hurt her.
-Lexia is incredibly quiet, and when she attacks, she strikes like a snake. As such, she has become incredibly exceptional with being able to take down larger opponents using assassination techniques and striking where they are weak. Even when she's running as fast as she can (around 30m/s), she's incredibly light-footed and only people with a trained ear could pick her up.
-Lexia also has a keen eyesight, able to naturally pick up a lot more detail compared to normal people. As such, she develops headaches easily and, quite often, she rests to soothe them.
-Something fun to know is that she can also see in the dark as well as a cat.
-Although she tries her best to be quiet and a listened about things, sometimes she can snap. And when she snaps, she can get rather violent rather quickly, tending to opt for a quick, violent solution over anything else.
-Lexia also might seem like a sturdy dragon, but her scales are surprisingly weak. They feel like leather and have a velvety feel to them, but it only takes the strength of a human wielding a sword to be able to stab through her hide with relative ease.
-Her rest can often by her downfall, as if makes her judgement clouded and seek any form of rest for a few moments.
-Lexia also isn't the most capable flier. Despite having giant wings, she can't fly rather quickly (14m/s max), instead her well developed muscles carry her over the grounds.
-Lexia cannot stand cold or hot environments thanks to her flimsy scales. Temperatures below 5C and over 47C start screwing with her internal body temperature, causing her to be lathargic.
-Despite her eyesight being so good, it means she's also more prone to headaches. If she refuses to rest, they develop into migraines after 2 posts, and need at least 3 posts of resting to cure them.

Although Lexia was born an abnormal star dragoness, her parents absolutely loathed her, despised her even. They hated the appearance of the reds and the marks that seemed like burns. The perfect spheres over her hide, they thought it rather distasteful compared to what they wanted her to be. As such, numerous times they cast her out of their nest, but thanks to the stars wanting her to live, the young dragoness always found her way back. Time and time again, refusing to let up. But time and time again she came back, the stars themselves guiding her home, to where she belonged. It was when she turned seven that her parents truly tried to silence her, once and for all.

They tied her up in a bag, tied numerous weights to her and threw her into the bottom of the oceans.
From there, Lexia didn’t remember much aside from the mind numbing cold as the weight of the waters pressed down onto her, squishing and crushing her more and more the deeper she sunk. But it was at this depth that the stars simply couldn’t save her, their light unable to reach her and as such, how the small dragoness lived was more of a miracle than anything else.

One that she would eventually call her mentor came to her aid, having seen the treacherous act and despised it with their entire being. They came down, scooped her up into their arms, and took her in. There, she was raised as a child, protected from the world.

The funny thing was, was that a human would be the one to look after her. A woman, one housing long jet black hair, wearing an attire that always seemed the same. Blue and leathers, with abnormal tattoos over her back and shoulders.

It eventually came to pass, that the woman vanished without a trace, leaving the younger Lexia to stand up and take her place… And this is where her story begins.
RP Sample:
Lexia sighed, her form slumping lightly down against the rocky crevasse which she stood upon. Or, more accurately, which she sat upon now. Her head turned left to right, her magenta eyes scanning the surroundings before her. She would have thought that she’d gotten over it by now, gotten use to the greens and the murky colours which all blended together to create some sort of harmony. A smirk pulled at her maw, tugging it up into a broad smile. It was going to be one interesting day…

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PostSubject: Re: Mythryl, the Lost Shadow   Wed May 30, 2018 11:45 am

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Mythryl, the Lost Shadow
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