As times become more dire, dragons and humans alike arise to claim back the Artefacts. Are you going to join them in these endeavors, or will you join the Ancients?
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 The Artefacts

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PostSubject: The Artefacts   Mon May 28, 2018 1:18 pm

Token of Order and Creation
An Ancient whose being is influenced by the powers, ensuring that order follows in their wake and around them. They also have the ability to create almost anything which they desire. Aside from other sentient beings, or creations as large as a full grown dragon. That's just not happening. And only the one in control of the token can CONTROL these things, no one else is able to. Kill, yes, but control is a no go zone.

Fountain of Youth and Healing
Has two parts to it. The stone and the waters. Drinking of these waters when the two are one, will grant the drinker eternal life. If the stone is removed, it becomes the Philosophers stone, able to turn elements to different ones without too much consequence. The waters also become that of healing, able to cure any and all illnesses... Even if they are normally a death sentence.

Token of Destruction and Chaos
A force which sews chaos into the being, causing them to be erratic to any and all beings. Including other Ancients. However, this isn't the part to be thrilled about for most dragons, the thing which they want is the destruction side of things. This can cause what the name implies, the sheer ability to cause immense destruction and even potentially death. This isnt someone to mess with as their actions are mimicked by the token, causing a strengthened reaction for their own action

Book of Knowledge and Magic
It literally houses the ability to use any form of magic, (aside from instant death, but again, it can use a form of Dragon Fever) with little to no consequence to the users. Every shred of information written in books is also written in that book as well, contained by magic and ensuring that it's regularly updated. However, if a book has a protection cast over it, then it's not updated into the Book. Only the holder of the Book of Knowledge and Magic can add magic.

Sword of War
A single piece of weaponry which harnesses the ability to decide the fate of battles through sheer physical and will power. Not only does it drastically increase the strength of its Ancient, but it's also capable of releasing a form of physical whither, reducing aggressors strength temporarily... Especially if they are invading the Ancient with said weaponry. The user has to be in an emotional and physical connection with this powerful object.

Keys to the Afterlife
When they are used, it opens up a portal to a realm of the undead. This allows the Ancient, and if they choose others they can too, to travel the planes of death itself. This can also be used to summon armies of the dead, necromancy basically, and if you are super unlucky and get in the Ancients road, it can severely harm you by inflicting a Pseudo Dragon Fever.
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The Artefacts
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