As times become more dire, dragons and humans alike arise to claim back the Artefacts. Are you going to join them in these endeavors, or will you join the Ancients?
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 Mysteries of the Past [Lore]

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PostSubject: Mysteries of the Past [Lore]   Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:43 am

In the beginning, there was a single being. A powerful thing, which wandered the universe which it created alone. It treasured one planet over them all, the crystal clear waters and the exotic landscapes both were something which they adored. After many, many years, life slowly began to come forth, creatures. Small to start with, but they grew. They dwelt in the lands, ate the dying plants, and reproduced. The very actions themselves caused the Balance to be met. It was at that time, that the being finally smiled upon what laid around them. A true, complete and whole balance. However that slowly began to change as the creatures became sentient beings. Joy overflowed from the being at this as it spoke with them, taught them. But in the same time, its steps throughout the lands served another purpose; to restore the wounds of the land which began to creep along like spiderwebs...


Creatures called humans, and dragons, they both were something that had stood out among the others. But for all the wrong reasons. Humans took what they wanted from the grounds, destroying life, increasing death. Dragons attacked one another, asserting dominance and covering the lands with destruction. Cursing them both, the being stunted the growth of the dragons, and took away the humans ability to tear the ground freely. But the Balance which it sought, the precarious and fragile existence of it, was tattered and torn.

In grief, the being isolated itself, shutting the life, the healing, the order, the chaos, everything which it poured out, it sealed away in itself. A small pocket of untouched land, and from there, it watched as its own creations were destroyed by their own actions. Lands ceased to be lush and vibrant, deserts overtook the valleys of roses. Instead of being a welcoming area, they were nothing but sand and dust. Overthrown with grief as the situations continued to become worse, the being called upon 6 creatures. Dragons, humans, and the lesser humanoids, ones which hid themselves from the others. Once they responded to its invitation, the being granted them powers above all others, instructing them to be the guardians of the Balance, be what it couldn't be. It then split itself into 7 Artefacts, giving one to each of the its called ones. These were to be what it couldn't be, a balance for the realm of mortals, restoring and keeping order through the lands, ensuring that balance was kept. With that, it sent them out to do their duty.

The final fragment lingers on, watching in silence, which they had called Balance, in memory to what it strove to achieve, but never could find.

But when the others found out about these beings, who called themselves the Ancients, they began to see their influence as restriction. Their healing as damage. Their Balance as wrong. And they became envious, jealous, beginning to seek out the Artifacts which gave them their strengths, their motive and drive... After countless years had passed of wars, of restoration, and then aggression, they turned their backs of their true reason for being. The Ancients having hidden themselves, their Artefacts, becoming desperate to hide them from the world instead of using it for a true balance. Lost in time, the old memories fading, they trained the next in line. Some died young, some lived to see themselves grow corrupt with their own power. Tribes and cities formed, their some of their purposes to strive to become strong enough to take down the Ancients- to claim the Artefacts as their own. Others sought the Artefacts in secret, and others publicly.

But the fragment stirred, knowing what the Ancients had done. Its eye turned back towards its creation once more, the care, love, affection gone. Instead, Balance was replaced by an eternal turmoil of absolute fury and the drive to bring down justice upon those who had failed it.
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Mysteries of the Past [Lore]
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